RNP publishes call for proposals for the Identity Management Program 2021

RNP invites the academic community to participate in the call for proposals for the short-term Identity Management Program  2021. The call is to receive suggestions for R&D projects related to conceptual studies or the execution of proof-of-concept that contribute to the prospecting and identification of challenges in Research, Development, and Innovation in identity management.

See the invitation letter

Submissions will be accepted until 18/4. The projects selected will be followed up by members of the Technical Committee of Identity Management (CT-GId), coordinated by RNP in partnership with the academic community to support the development of services offered through technology prospecting.

See the topics of interest listed in the call*:

  • Integrated environments for Authentication and Authorization (A&A) management;
  • Auditing in GId;
  • Authentication, authorization, and access control (user-centered, federated, based on attributes, context, reputation, etc.)
  • Authentication and authorization of objects in IoT
  • Digital signature and establishment of digital contracts;
  • Scalable digital signatures in a post-quantum-computer world
  • Development of applications using the A&A infrastructure provided by RNP (CAFe federation, eduroam, or ICPEdu);
  • Scalability in identity management technologies;
  • Tools for managing or monitoring of the CAFe federation, eduroam, or ICPEdu;
  • Management of Communities (remote organizations);
  • Management of multiple identities per user;
  • Life-cycle management of identities (creation, uses, destruction);
  • Self-sovereign or decentralized identity;
  • Identity of objects in the IoT;
  • Levels of Assurance (LOAs) in GId;
  • Portability or interoperability of identities;
  • Usability in Identity Management technologies;
  • Use of blockchains in digital identity management;
  • Computational Intelligence techniques for Identity Management;
  • Techniques or technologies for strengthening the privacy of users or objects of the IoT;
  • Technologies for fraud and identity theft prevention.

*Other topics relevant to the field may be accepted.

Important Dates

● Publication of the call: 18/3/2021

● Deadline for submission of proposal: 18/4/2021

● Publishing of results: 6/5/2021

● Start of execution of projects: 1/7/2021

● Submission of the final report: 03/12/2021