RNP promotes online debate about “Cinema and education in times of pandemic and quarantine”

- 12/05/2020

RNP, in partnership with the Institutos Federais de Educação Tecnológica of Rio Grande do Norte (IFRN) and Brasília (IFB), promotes an online debate about cinema and education in times of pandemic and quarantine on May 21st, at 6 p.m.

The discussion is part of the activities of Cinemas in network, one of RNP´s initiatives with the cinema community and exhibitors from universities and federal institutes, aiming at the constitution of a national circle of exhibition, with the participation of rooms in Salvador/BA (UFBA), Goiânia/GO (UFG), Porto Alegre/RS (UFRGS), Niterói/RJ (UFF), Pelotas/RS (UFPel), Ouro Preto/MG (UFOP), João Pessoa/PB (UFPB), Vitória/ES (UFES), and São Paulo/SP (USP). the live will be transmitted on the project’s page on Facebook.

“The pandemic inaugurated a new chapter in history by making massive populational isolation, and consequentially, the interruption of many economic, social and cultural activities necessary. Thus, Web and the content platforms became the main, maybe the only, window to access movies and other audiovisual content. Therefore, it becomes so necessary for us to discuss the best way to take advantage of this resource in favor of our students in many regions of the country”, the RNP manager of Relationship with Culture, Álvaro Malaguti, explains.

The manager reminds, in the specific Brazilian context, the existence of Law 13.006/2014, which has not been regulated yet, which made the exhibition of national movies as part of curricular activities in all levels of basic education (kindergarten, elementary and high school) mandatory. 

To think about this scenario, its risks and its possibilities, the debate will be distributed among the cities of Natal (RN), Recanto das Emas (DF), Belo Horizonte (MG), and São Paulo (SP).

Among the participants, there are the director of the movies Bicho de Sete Cabeças (2000), Chega de Saudade (2007), As Melhores coisas do mundo (2010), and Como nossos pais (2017) and president of the Spcine, municipal company of support to the audiovisual of the city of São Paulo, Laís Bodanzky; the teacher and researcher in Education from UFMG and one of the creators of Rede Kino – Latin American Network of Education, Cinema, and Audiovisual, Inês Teixeira and the teacher from the Higher Education Course of Cultural Production Technology at Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (IFRN/CAL), and one of the coordinators of Cinemateca Potiguar,  Mary Land Brito.

The coordination will be provided by the teacher from Instituto Federal de Brasília (IFB) and coordinator of FRONTEIRA, International Festival of Documentary and Experimental Movies, Marcela Borela.

For further information, access:  http://www.cinemasemrede.rnp.br/.


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