RNP promotes migration and Ibict and Cetene will use G Suite free of charge

- 28/02/2020

In January and February, RNP promoted migration of Ibict and the Strategic Technologies Center of the Northwest Region (Cetene) for the free e-mail service of Google. Both organizations now have high availability for the e-mail service, with no cost and with little to no need of operation. 

The migration was done due to the fact that many institutions can no longer manage their servers, whether due to the complexity of the task, the absence of human or computer resources, or all the reasons together.

The Cetene has already used the G Suite service, but the enterprise version is paid. The agreement signed between RNP and Google enabled all institutions from the RNP System to use this educational version free of charge.

The action reflects the objectives of RNP 2020, which include support to our institutions to solve their problems.

In addition to Ibict and Cetene, RNP has already supported UFG in this migration as well, in which they could provide the institutional e-mail for all students of the university. 

“It is important to remind that this action is a partnership among RNP, Google, and Bedu Tech. The latter is responsible for guiding and qualifying the team to do the migration, in addition to speeding up the acceptance orders of the institutions from the RNP System within Google”, the Services manager, Marcelino Cunha, explains.

*G Suite is the Google service that offers versions of many products, which can be customized independently for the users.

The agreement between RNP and Google is still being signed. It aims to facilitate the dissemination of information by RNP to user institutions, as a reliable reference source, on aspects that are specific to the educational platform.