RNP performs a workshop for learning networks at CSBC 2019

- 04/09/2019

The RNP was present at various times during the 39th Congress of the Brazilian Computing Society (CSBC 2019), which took place this year from July 14 to 18 at Centro de Convenções da Amazônia, in Belém do Pará. This was the fourth RNP participation in the event as the organizer of the FIBRE&CloudNEXT workshop, regarding the use of testbeds platforms in learning on computer networks.

By calling the attention of students, faculty, and researchers, the workshop aimed at anyone who wanted to test new large-scale network architectures, protocols, and applications. This year, the training included the CloudNEXT testbed for cloud computing experiments.

Leandro Vaz, as a participant of the workshop, the engineer of Empresa de Tecnologia da Informação e Comunicação do Estado do Pará (Prodepa), intends to use technology in his daily work. “In the corporate environment, we have system equipment running 24/7 and we are unable to test or simulate failures, so CloudNEXT would be a great solution for simulating network stress scenarios and routing protocol work,” he said.

On July 16, RNP's Director of Research and Development, Iara Machado, presented the organization's R&D Programs at Seminário de Computação na Universidade (Secomu), which is an event that gathers the academic community to discuss political and scientific issues.

Already on the 18th, RNP participated in the 13th BreSc (Brazilian e-Science Workshop), which is a discussion forum on the topics involved in the development of software infrastructure in support to sciences as a platform for research and scientific experimentation. RNP R&D manager Alex Moura presented the strategy for implementing a National Center for e-Science support in the country.

International projects

On July 15 and 16, RNP also participated in other moments of the CSBC, Cloudscape Brazil 2019 and Worskshop on Cloud Networks (WCN). The 6th edition of Cloudscape Brasil is dedicated to the safe use of cloud and IT services in lead market innovation in cloud computing. The presentations brought the future of the joint policy vision between Brazil and the European Union in the ​​ICT to increase the social and economic impact of both regions.

One of the sessions on the 4th Brazil and European Union Coordinated Call, coordinated in Brazil by RNP, gathered representatives from five among six projects developed in the context of the call - OCARIoTNECOSATMOSPHERE5G-RANGE and SWAMP- who were able to present their projects and discuss sustainability plans for them. The CloudNEXT testbed, developed under the ATMOSPHERE project, participated in the Cloudscape Brazil demo area.

 “With a large participation of the present audience, from undergraduate students to professors and field professionals, many from European project partner institutions, the event was an excellent opportunity to disseminate project results,” said the R&D of Centro de Tecnologia da Informação e Comunicação (CTIC), Lucas Bondan.

WCN had an academic focus, managed by SBC's Cloud Computing Special Interest Group (GIS), and focused on improving research cooperation between Brazil and Europe in the area of ​​cloud computing.

Learn more about the event at the CSBC 2019 website.




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