RNP participates with providers on a panel about optical networks in the North region

- 03/08/2021


On 10/08, RNP will attend the RTI Webinar, a free event open to the public, along with Internet service providers, about "Competitive operators in the North: growth and expansion plans." On the agenda are the difficulties for building fiber optic networks in the region and the effects of the pandemic in this new reality.

In addition to the Director of Engineering and Operations of RNP, Eduardo Grizendi, who will mediate the panel, the CEO of Ollá Telecom and Rolim Net, Alexandre Silverio; the CEO of Web Flash, Carlos Lima Batista; the CEO of Você Telecom, Fabio Renato; the CEO of Infovia Digital, Luiz Cláudio; and the CEO of Grupo Click IP, Neilson Reis da Silva were also invited. 

According to the Director of Engineering and Operations of RNP, Eduardo Grizendi, the webinar will be an opportunity to discuss the construction of Infopath 00, a pilot for the Connected North Program, since the RNP has started the process for qualification of providers interested in acting as a Neutral Operator. 

With an approximate extension of 770 km, the project executed by RNP will connect Macapá to Alenquer, with openings in Almeirim, Monte Alegre and Santarem, and should benefit up to 950,000 people. 

To qualify, the legal persons who respond to the process must do so by submitting the Instrument of Acceptance and Commitment to the Term of Reference ADC/10323/2021.

The RTI Webinar is promoted by Arandanet, a media group dedicated to publishing of technical journals, such as the Revista RTI - Redes, Telecom e Instalações, and planning fairs and congresses for the industry and infrastructure.

To participate in the webinar, register: https://oferta.arandanet.com.br/24o-webinar-rti.