RNP participates in the global event for academic networks TNC21

- 28/06/2021

Considered one of the biggest events of the global research and education community, the TNC was held, for the first time, in a 100% remote format by the European academic network GÉANT, between the 21 and 25/06. RNP had representatives in three moments of the event.

On 21/06, the academic network of Canada (Canarie) carried out a demonstration of the GREN Map project (Map of the Global Network for Research and Education), whose objective was to build an integrated view of maps of academic networks. RNP, as well as GÉANT, contributed to the architecture design, which provided not only a view of the network topology but also a dynamic and real-time view of the value and reach of these networks at national and institutional levels.

Watch the video of the demo on Youtube

To learn more about the project led by Canarie, visit Global Research and Education Network - CANARIE.

On 24/06, the Director of Services and Solutions, Antônio Carlos Fernandes Nunes, and the manager of Solutions, Hélder Vitorino, presented the Connected Students Project, offered by MEC in partnership with RNP.

"It is very important for us to be present in events of academic networks so that we can have this connection and exchange of knowledge that is always fruitful and prosperous. It was a different event, online for the first time, and we had a very positive organization", assessed Antônio Carlos.

Closing RNP's participation in the event, the IT coordinator, Roberto Lauretti, gave a brief presentation on the project for Kubernetes deployment on the morning of the 25/o6.

"It is very gratifying to participate in an event like TNC21 and be the spokesperson for a work carried out by many people in RNP, sharing our journey in the creation of a new service for the organization. The biggest challenge was to summarize a work of almost two years in a five-minute 'lightning talk', which made us think hard and, certainly, left out many important issues," said Lauretti.

Five Banners Approved
In addition to the presentations, RNP also stood out in the submission of banners in TNC21. Of the 12 banners selected by the event commission, five were from the organization, all on the topic of Identity Management. Redecomep GigaCandanga, part of the RNP System, also had two banners approved.

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