RNP launches public notice for the 2022 Network Monitoring Program

RNP launched, on Friday (3/25), the call for proposals for the 2022 Network Monitoring Program for the academic community. The public notice aims to promote the study of topics related to the area, or the execution of proofs of concept that contribute to the prospection and identification of RD&I challenges in the area of measurements.

Proposals must be sent by 4/25. The selected projects will be monitored by members of the Network Monitoring Technical Committee (CT-Mon), coordinated by RNP with participants from the organization and the academic community.

See the notice in full.

Check out some of the topics of interest listed in the notice*:

  • Computer architecture;
  • Cloud or fog computing;
  • Mobile computing;
  • Computer networks;
  • Multimedia systems;
  • Mobile and wireless communication;
  • Telemetry;
  • Solutions based on data plane programmability (eg, P4 language);
  • Internet of the future.
  • Monitoring Tools and Techniques:
  • Data Availability Methods and Tools
  • Monitoring Data Analysis
  • Application Monitoring

* Other topics relevant to the area may be accepted.

 About the Network Monitoring Technical Committee

The Network Monitoring Technical Committee (CT-Mon) was created by RNP in 2011 to follow the main technical-scientific advances in the area of network traffic monitoring. Trends are identified such as the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence, equipment with programmable data plane support and the expanded use of cloud services and Internet of Things applications.