RNP joins the management committee of the international consortium perfSONAR

In January 2021, RNP joined the management committee of the international collaboration perfSONAR, name of the software developed for monitoring and detection of network performance problems, alongside the national academic networks ESnet and Internet2, and the Universities of Michigan and Indiana, all in the USA, as well as the Europe regional network, Géant.

RNP had previously participated in the original perfSONAR community between 2006 and 2012, alongside ESnet, Internet2 and Géant. Before that, in 2002, it supported a Working Group on the subject, under the coordination of professor José Suruagy Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE). RNP's network monitoring service, MonIPÊ, which is based on perfSONAR technology, third version already, is the result of this collaboration.

Since then, perfSONAR has become strategic at RNP, supporting important network operations processes, such as circuit approval at the 27 Points of Presence of RNP in the states, and the calculation of the availability and the performance indicators of the Brazilian academic network, Ipê network.

RNP also contributes to the evolution of perfSONAR by coordinating the Network Monitoring Technical Committee (CT-Mon), formed by researchers in the area of network performance measurements, which foster technological exploration in this subject.

"We are very happy with the international recognition of the value of RNP in this collaboration", RD&I director, Iara Machado, stated.

About perfSONAR

perfSONAR is open software for monitoring of the network performance, which offers a set of network measurement tools, which help in the detection and the solution of performance problems in end-to-end circuits through multiple domains. The measurements can be made by more than 2 thousand perfSONAR units worldwide, and this global infrastructure helps to identify and isolate problems as they occur, making it easier for the network engineers to support the users and increasing the productivity in the use of network resources.

With perfSONAR, it is possible to make measurements, generate visualizations and obtain new metrics, making it possible to generate a graph projecting the traffic increase on a network in the coming years, for example.

About  MonIPÊ

The purpose of the network monitoring service of RNP - MonIPÊ - is to solve network performance problems, to be used by RNP and the education and research community in Brazil. It is based on perfSONAR technology and is aimed at network engineers, advanced network researchers, network operators at RNP and its PoPs, and specialized technicians at RNP client institutions.