RNP inaugurates new ESR unit in Campinas

- 28/11/2017

RNP inaugurated the new unit of the Networks School (ESR), in Campinas, in an event held on November 27th. The new training space in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) will be at the Information Technology Centre Renato Archer (CTI). The ESR has already trained over 20,000 professionals all over Brazil and offers over 50 courses.

According to the ESR deputy director, Leandro Guimarães, the first unit in the state of São Paulo was designed to offer an even closer training. “There was a need, due to the number of students from São Paulo who had to migrate to other units of the school to seek knowledge. So, we identified the need to offer this training, with the same quality, and now with easier access”, he said.

The inauguration is the result of a partnership between the ESR and the CTI. The director of the technology centre, Victor Mammana, highlights that there is a close relationship between the mission of both institutions. “Interaction with RNP/ESR is an old ambition because I believe we have institutional missions that complement one another. At the CTI, we want to achieve the goal of complementing our work through training in areas such as networks, cybersecurity and defence”, he highlighted.

With the inauguration of the new space, ESR has now nine schools, located in different Brazilian capital cities. The agenda includes courses in several areas, focused on education targeted at the market challenges. The topics go from networks administration and project, IT governance to security, the subject of the first course offered in Campinas.

The ESR administrative manager, Luciana Batista, highlights that the school improves professional development for the local people. “There is always the need for RNP to increase the students capillarity, and especially to offer quality courses that really prepare the student, since the labour market is more and more competitive”, he said.

The courses are held on labs connected to RNP’s high speed network, and favours a practical teaching approach, aiming at evolution and continuous expansion of the high speed network in the country. To know more about the complete course list, visit the Networks School website: https://esr.rnp.br

Image key: Present in the inauguration event (from left to right): the chief of the CTI Institutional Relations Division, Colonel Rogerio Winter; the dean of the Campus Campinas of the Federal Institute of São Paulo (IFSP), Eberval Castro; the CTI director, Victor Mammana; the City secretary of Economic, Social Development and Tourism of Campinas, André Von Zuben; RNP’s Engineering and Operations director, Eduardo Grizendi; and the ESR deputy director, Leandro Guimarães.