RNP helps connect Covid-19 field hospital in Salvador

- 11/03/2021

The National Education and Research Network (RNP) connected, as an emergency case, on 02/03, the new field hospital located in the Arena Fonte Nova stadium in Salvador, under the management of the Obras Sociais Irmã Dulce (OSID) institution to support efforts in the worsening of the Covid-19 pandemic in the capital of Bahia. The operation was regionally assisted by RNP's Point of Presence in Bahia (PoP-BA) and the Metropolitan Network of Salvador (Remessa).

The field hospital in Arena Fonte Nova is an initiative by the Government of Bahia with 80 new ICU beds. The stadium already had a connection installed by Telebras due to sports demands, such as the Confederations Cup, and events such as the canonization of Sister Dulce, held in October 2019.

In addition, the city of Salvador was responsible for the creation of 20 new ICU beds in the Hospital Salvador, also with the support of PoP-BA and Remessa. Besides this, there are three other hospitals exclusively for treating Covid-19 patients: Hospital Sagrada Família, Hospital Itaigara Memorial, and Hospital Santa Clara.

According to the coordinator of the Remessa network, Claudete Alves, the technical team managed to carry out the operation to enable the connection at the Hospital Salvador in just three days. "The impact is great by providing the infrastructure for the operation of the unit, particularly the contribution to the health professionals in who are at the frontline to help the population," said Claudete.