RNP Forum 2016 occurs from November 8 to 10 with topic Science, Technology and Innovation in Network

- 31/10/2016

The Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP) will carry out the RNP Forum 2016 on November 8 to 10. Held in Federal Institute of Brasília (IFB), campus of Brasília, the event is aimed at Science, Technology and Innovation in Network and has partnership with State Secretary Council for Science, Technology and Innovation Affairs (Consecti).

In addition to onsite participation, it is possible to follow this year edition, on a distributed basis, from Rio de Janeiro, in Brazilian Center of Physical Researches (CBPF) auditory, and in Salvador, in the auditory of Mathematics Institute of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA).

 “The RNP Forum will discuss the methods of information technology use and cooperation for science and culture, and will also reserve some time to discuss the integration of Brazilian scientific community for building a new sight of tomorrow”, says the deputy director of Institutional Relations of RNP – Gorgonio Araújo.

Civil Rights Framework for the Internet

The evolution of the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet will be one of the topics discussed in the Forum. Two years after approving the law regulating the internet use in Brazil, the network neutrality follows dividing opinions between those providing services and those who use them.

This points defends that every type of data on internet is treated equally, without limitation for customers with specific demands (videos, downloads, uploads). “Non-discrimination and non-restriction of content are essential to preserve the environment of innovation on the Internet. This neutrality ensures that no business model can specify what circulates on the Internet”, states the general-coordinator of Cooperation in Ministry of Planning, Development and Management, Marcelo Mendes.

According to Mendes, internet use law in Brazil can establish freedom of expression, protection of privacy and security of personal data. “With this new standards that enables a great and fast expansion of internet, we can easily discuss topics with more details, as the prioritization of emergency services and the Data Protection Bill”, he said.

Challenges of Green Computing

Other topic discussed in the event is Green Computing, related to energy efficiency, to renewable resources and non-toxic use, in addition to reduction of wastes generated in production process.

The guest speaker is João Carlos Redondo, sustainability director of Brazilian Association of Electrical and Electronic Industry (Abinee) and environment director of Industry Federation of the State of São Paulo (Fiesp).

According to him, Green Computing is a competitive advantage for institutions. “Its practice provides long-term economy, brings a positive credibility before company and, also, adds value to Company organizational culture”, he says.

The expert states that Green Computing is also a reality in public industry. The Law 8.666, which provides general rules for biddings, already allows inclusion of social-environmental and sustainable features when contracting services provider of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). According to Redondo, forty-five percent of national purchase in this industry are performed by the government and its independent agencies. “Thus, it is important to strength and incorporate the Green Computing principles also in public bodies. Its practices are discussed in long-term resources efficiency and optimization”, he says.

Governance and digital control

In order to share best practices in public management, a lecture on “Governance, skills and platform: the pillars of the digital control strategy of Brazil's Court of Auditors (Tribunal de Contas da União, in Portuguese)" will be held. In it, the Secretary of Management Information for External Control of the Brazil's Court of Auditors (TCU), Wesley Vaz, will address the importance of the intelligent use of information and cloud infrastructure for the improvement of public services and policies.

According to secretary, the space will open a discussion with institution managers where the Court appears with a good practices case. “If we usually speak in the position of inspecting body, this time we will share our experience using new tools to create a new efficiency strategy in public management”, he says.

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