RNP enters technical cooperation agreement with the Government of Amazonas

- 17/03/2021

The National Education and Research Network (RNP) entered a technical cooperation agreement with the government of Amazonas through the State Secretary for Economic Development, Science, Technology, and Innovation (Sedecti-AM) for mutual collaboration and the development of actions that will lead to the expansion of telecommunications infrastructure in the state.  

The goal of the agreement is to develop and manage a State System for Science, Technology, and Innovation, integrated with the RNP System nationwide, with actions that will benefit the teaching and research community in Amazonas. "It is a sharing of RNP's vision and actions with the local government, to internalize RNP's System in Amazonas and incorporate state organizations," said the associate director of Institutional Relations at RNP, Gorgonio Araújo.  

To do that, a Working Group was created with representatives of RNP and the Government of Amazonas to define a common agenda with a long-term perspective. The agenda will include initiatives to expand the telecommunications infrastructure and services, train human resources in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and share operational costs and alternative solutions for the sustainability of the network.