RNP demonstrates 100 Gb/s network at WRNP 2020

- 16/12/2020

The audience of the 21st WRNP - Workshop RNP was able to see a technological demonstration of high speed data transmission live, with state-of-the-art technologies. Ibirisol Fontes Ferreira, network analyst at RNP Point of Presence in Bahia (PoP-BA/RNP), carried out point-to-point transfer tests with high latency and in long-distance scenarios, first between Salvador (BA) and Recife (PE) ), then between Salvador and Miami (USA), reaching speeds of up to 100 Gb/s.

The demonstration was possible thanks to the 100 Gb/s circuits of RNP in its academic network in the Northeast region - the result of the partnership with Chesf - and the international connection of very high performance with the United States on the cable Monet, which connects Fortaleza to Miami. In the near future, these connections will enable movement of high volumes of data between institutions in Brazil which participate in the RNP System and several research centers in the world.

In addition to the high-capacity network equipment, the demonstration used telemetry, which is a set of technologies for collection of information from the infrastructure in a granular and optimized way, which enabled the presentation of network usage data in real time.

“In addition to the high-capacity at the center of the network, it is essential to have end-to-end infrastructure at 100 Gb/s, i.e., not only on the backbone, but at access with equipment that can take advantage of the maximum potential the infrastructure can offer”, Ibirisol Ferreira assessed.
According to him, the way this capacity is used is different from that found traditionally in the access providers, which, although with high capacity, are actually used by the aggregate of clients and not by the traffic generation and consumption from a single pair of connected machines.

“This demonstration was another example of the capacity of the RNP teams, who, despite this atypical year 2020, managed to make a public technological presentation still unprecedented in Brazil and Latin America, showing the potential of the national academic backbone to support education and research activities in the country,” Alex Moura, Research and Development Science Engagement specialist at RNP. says. 

To learn more, go to the demo http://demo100g.rnp.br.