RNP delivers circuits of 100 Mbps to the Federal University of Santa Maria

- 20/12/2017

Three campuses of the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) – in Frederico Westphalen, Palmeira das Missões and Cachoeira do Sul – started being served by RNP by 100 Mbps circuits. The connections were possible due to a partnership with the company Vogel that makes the connection between the locations and RNP’s Point of Presence in Rio Grande do Sul (PoP-RS). Thus, the campuses are connected to the national academic network, the Ipê network, and can enjoy high speed internet.

In Frederico Westphalen and Palmeira das Missões, the connection link went from 60 Mbps to 100 Mbps. In Cachoeira do Sul, the 40 Mbps was upgraded to 100 Mbps. An improvement in internet access quality is expected. “Users must already be noticing an improvement in availability and especially in navigation speed. In addition, we will also have better quality in videoconferences and telephone communication, which also uses the internet to connect to the main campus”, said the director of UFSM Data Processing Centre (CPD), Gustavo Chiapinotto da Silva, in an interview to the university.(link is external)

The campuses Frederico Whestphalen and Palmeira das Missões offer six graduation courses – Agronomy, Forestry Engineering, Journalism, Nursing, Business Administration, and Zootechny – and the Post-Graduation course in Agronomy – Agriculture and Environment. The Cachoeira do Sul campus offers five graduation courses: Architecture and Urbanism; Agricultural Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; and Transport and Logistics Engineering.

UFSM main campus in Santa Maria is connected to the academic network with 1 Gb/s, which serves the Data Processing Centre, the Santa Maria University Hospital, Technology Centre, Arts and Humanities Centre, Santa Maria Industrial Technical School, Santa Maria Polytechnic School, and the Applied Computing Department.

Source: UFSM, with information from RNP.

Source: Jair Alan.