RNP connects through fibre optics Ufam campus in the countryside of Amazonas

- 07/03/2018

RNP delivered a 60 Mbps circuit to the Exact Sciences and Technology Institute (Icet) of the Federal University of Amazonas (Ufam), which is located in the Itacoatiara campus, 270 km from Manaus. Thus, the unit is now connected in high speed to the RNP’s Point of Presence in Amazonas, allowing researchers, professors and students to be integrated to the national academic network and to collaborate with other institutions. The network capacity enables internet access ten times faster than the previous one.

The ICET director, Jorge Kanda, celebrated the faster internet during an interview to Ufam. “There was a very significant speed increase. More than that, we are not connected to the PoP-AM. This will benefit the institute as a whole since our students will have access to research and journals to prepare their academic work”, said the professor.

Over two years, RNP has worked with the Technology, Innovation and Communication Centre (CTIC) of the university and local providers to seek connectivity alternatives. “We remain in a joint surveillance process with the campuses and the Senior Management of the University in the presentation of possible alternatives to the RNP that may improve the connectivity offered to our units”, declared the CTIC director, Jorge Carlos Magno.

According to the PoP-AM administrative coordinator, Edson Nascimento, the new connection allows the performance of videoconferences, administrative meetings, defence of end of course papers, Master’s and Doctorate juries, which reduced travel expenses.

Before RNP delivered the circuits to increase the connectivity of education and research institutions in the state of Amazonas, all Ufam campuses were served by satellite connections at a 6 Mbps rate.

In addition to the Itacoatiara campus, which is now served by a hybrid circuit of fibre optics and radio at a 60 Mbps transmission rate, provided by the company ICOM Telecom, the Humaitá campus is served by fibre optics at 100 Mbps, and the Coari campus is served by 30 Mbps radio connection. “In the first half of 2018, we expect to increase the Coari campus connection to 100 Mbps, which will be served by fibre optics, as one of the deliveries of the Connected Amazon Program, led by the Brazilian Army”, said the PoP-AM administrative coordinator during an interview to Ufam.

Ufam Exact Sciences and Technology Institute currently offers nine graduation courses, such as the Software Engineering course intended to provide qualified workers for the development of electronic equipment, and the Sanitary Engineering and Agronomy. The institute also offers the Post-graduation Program of Science and Technology for Amazon Resources as a Master’s and multidisciplinary, with focus on the areas of bioenergy and handling, chemical and biological prospecting and development of bioactive substances, and theoretical and computational studies in physics and chemistry.

Source: Ufam, with information from RNP.