RNP conducts demonstration in 4K configured by software-defined networks in the US

- 07/10/2015

The Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa - RNP), with Japanese telecom operator NTT, has held a transmission demonstration in 4K configured by software-defined networks in Technology Exchange, sponsored by the North American Internet2 network. The event took place from October 4th to 7th in Cleveland (USA) and brought together the research and education community in worldwide networks.

The main characteristic of this demonstration is the use of the SDN (Software Defined Networks) technology in order to enable the transmission of an ultra-high definition (4K) video without the need for video compression. The operation is possible through dynamic circuits specially configured for this type of transmission, which create virtualized networks controlled by switches in OpenFlow.

The demonstration in Technology Exchange has showed 6Gbps videos in 4K transmitted from Japan and Brazil to the United States, through virtualized networks configured by SDN technology by means of Internet2. The videos were transferred in four parts and then synchronized and played as one in 4K resolution - four times greater than Full HD.