RNP Cisco and Inatel announce 5G.BR Conecta Brasil initiative

With the 5G auction approaching and the start of the fifth generation network deployments in 2022, it is essential to discuss adoption plans, use cases and prepare the country for the new era of hyperconnectivity.

With this objective in mind, Cisco, the National Education and Research Network (RNP) and the National Telecommunications Institute (Inatel) announce the partnership and joint initiative 5G.BR CONECTA BRASIL, which includes several actions and projects aimed at technological development and digital acceleration in important sectors of the country, fostering innovation, high-capacity connectivity and the adoption of 5G in the education and health sectors.

Joining the efforts of Cisco, the world's leading manufacturer of Internet technology, Inatel, one of the largest centers of excellence in research and development in the telecommunications sector in Brazil, and RNP, responsible for the development and operation of infrastructure and secure network services and with high capacity for the Brazilian education and research sector, the partnership intends to support and promote the advancement and adoption of 5G technologies, fundamental for the digitization and transformation of education and health in the country.

The first joint project, coordinated by RNP, with execution by Inatel and support from Cisco, is the 5G-in-a-Box, a technological research and development project for a 5G network integrated with national technology. 5G-in-a-Box aims to enable and simplify the adoption of 5G technologies in private networks and smart spaces.

Another important initiative of this partnership is the development of a joint laboratory for research, validation and integration testing of 5G technologies and solutions, with a focus on automation and xHaul transport for OpenRAN open networks.

RNP and Cisco are already collaborating on relevant projects in the education sector - the Connected Education Innovation Program of the Ministry of Education, and health - National Teleconference Platform for Surgical Acts at Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo, which will be strongly impacted by the arrival of 5G in the country.

Considering the dimensions of the national territory and the large distribution of schools and health centers in Brazil, 5G networks will have a fundamental role in the safe, reliable, low latency and very high speed connection in these locations, finally enabling the implementation of tele-education and telehealth actions on a scale in the country.

Cisco participates in the 5G.BR CONECTA BRASIL initiative through its digital acceleration program, Cisco Brasil Digital and Inclusivo, launched in 2020 in partnership with MCTI. The company understands that the advancement and accessibility of 5G technology in Brazil is a fundamental process in the digitization of the country, with not only economic, but also social impacts.

"Our purpose is to offer an inclusive future for all and the partnership with RNP and Inatel is an important step to support the development of the national industry in an essential technology such as 5G, while helping to make Brazil more equal through digital transformation”, says Ricardo Mucci, country manager at Cisco do Brasil.

“Inatel works intensively to offer Brazil the solutions that can contribute to the technological development of the various sectors of our economy. Being part of this partnership with Cisco and RNP is of fundamental importance, for us to always seek the best for this great journey, which will be to provide solutions in areas as relevant as education and health, says Carlos Nazareth Motta Marins, director of Inatel.

"Our objective is to provide a national, ubiquitous, secure, high availability and performance “cyberinfrastructure” for education, research and innovation. The partnership with Cisco and Inatel is of great importance for us and meets this challenge, which is to support digital transformation in the areas of education and health", Iara Machado, Director of Research, Development and Innovation at RNP.

To debate the development of 5G in the country, the real impacts of this technology on health, education and agriculture, Cisco, Inatel and RNP will promote the online event on the next 20th (Wednesday) at 9:30 am.

The event will be attended by Ricardo Mucci, country manager of Cisco do Brasil, Nelson Simões, general director of RNP, and Marcelo de Oliveira Marques, president of Finatel - National Telecommunications Institute Foundation.

Registration for the event on the link: http://cs.co/6013Jye6t.