RNP announces selected Working Groups to 2015-2016

- 23/09/2015

On Wednesday (9/23), the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network announced the seven Working Groups (GT) that will be coordinated by the organization in the period between 2015 and 2016. Of these, four new proposals were selected for the first phase and three for the second phase. In the first phase, with one-year duration, the groups create and demonstrate the prototype of a new product or service and, in the second phase, also with one year, this prototype is developed for the implementation of a pilot.

Through the Working Groups Program, conducted since 2003, RNP works in partnership with the scientific community following the open innovation management model. A notice is published annually so that national research groups can submit proposals for new services and products in the fields of networks and distributed applications that are of interest to users of RNP.

From 38 project proposals received by the notice 2015-2016 candidates for prototype, four projects were selected. The beginning of the first phase GTs, which was planned for the 11/01/2015, was postponed to 2016 and is conditioned to the release of funds of RNP management contract.

Meet the proposals selected:

Phase 1

  • Information Manager and Optical Networks Infrastructure (GT-GIIRO)

Coordinator: Rodrigo Rocha Gomes e Souza (UFBA)

  • Video Streaming Editor (GT-Sensemaking)

Coordinator: Jane Mary Pereira de Almeida (Mackenzie)

Assistant Coordinator: Maria Amélia Eliseo (Mackenzie)

  • Accessibility as a Service focusing on Visually Impaired People (GT-AAAS 2.0)

Coordinator: Tiago Maritan Ugulino de Araújo (Lavid/UFPB)

Assistant Coordinator: Guido Lemos de Souza Filho (Lavid/UFPB)

  • Video Advanced Search based on audio transcription, metadata and semantic annotation (GT-BAVI)

Coordinator: Eduardo Barrére (UFJF)

Assistant Coordinator: Jairo Francisco de Souza (UFJF)

The Phase 1 Working Groups that were underway in the Working Groups 2014-2015 and will continue to Phase 2 beggining in 11/01/2015 are:

Phase 2

  • Adaptable, scalable and interoperable system for collaboration and communication by video, of mobile devices to 4K devices (GT-Multipresence)

Coordinator: Valter Roesler (UFRGS)

  • Computational Environment for Treatment of Incidents with Service Denial Attacks (GT-Actions)

Coordinator: Iguatemi E. Fonseca (UFPB)

  • Mechanisms for an Early Warning System (GT-EWS)

Coordinator: Daniel Macêdo Batista (USP).

Products and services created within the Working Groups Program can integrate the organization’s portfolio, being available to the institutions that use the academic network.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail ggt@rnp.br or visit the Working Groups page.