RNP and MCom explain a call to define a contracting model for Connected North pilot project

- 22/02/2021

After the release of the public consultation, RNP and the Ministry of Communications (MCom) held a workshop to present and discuss the contracting model for a Neutral Operator to explore commercially, operate and maintain Infovia 00 of the Connected North Program by MCom. The meeting was held on February 19, it was attended by and received contributions from 140 representatives of the telecommunications sector and others interested in the subject.

“It was more than two hour workshop and we were very satisfied with the interest and the proposals of the participants. We have no doubt that the North Region recognizes the importance of this project and RNP's intention is to adopt the model which is feasible and of high impact for this population”, the Engineering and Operations director of RNP, Eduardo Grizendi, pointed out.

The Connected North Program aims to expand the communication infrastructure in the North Region by means of implementation of underwater optical info-ways, under rivers in this region, in order to meet the public policies on telecommunications, education, research, health, defense and the judiciary policies, in addition to expanding the access to the Internet in the region. This initiative is led by the Ministry of Communications, which is supported by RNP in the building of the pilot project, called Infovia 00, which will connect Macapá to Santarém.

The deputy director of the Telecommunications and Broadband Infrastructure Projects Department of MCom, Daniela Schettino, also attended the workshop, presenting the Connected North Program, clarifying the participants´ doubts and recording suggestions. “The significant participation of several telecommunications service providers and public entities in the workshop reinforced the importance of the Connected North Program for the region. The discussions were very productive so that we can build a model for the info-way use, which is sustainable and open to the participation of all interested parties.” Daniela pointed out.

Public consultation

On February 9, RNP, supported by the Ministry of Communications (MCom), released a public consultation to hear the opinion of representatives of the telecommunications sector to define the way to contract the company or the consortium which will explore commercially, operate and maintain this pilot project.

All interested to contribute to the process shall go to the public consultation call and submit suggestions and questions to email compras@rnp.br. The deadline is 02/26.

The consultation takes two alternatives into account for the contracting of the neutral operator (ON), which can be by means of a bidding process or an open consortium of telecommunications service providers. This neutral operation allows multiple companies to share the same fiber-optic infrastructure, regardless of whether they are competitors in between. For example, the companies can "rent" part of the capacity of the cable to become internet providers.

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