Qualification Call of Cinemas em Rede is on the final stretch

- 11/02/2019

Launched in November 2018 with the support of Associação Nacional dos Dirigentes das Instituições Federais de Ensino Superior – ANDIFES [National Association of Directors of Federal Institutions of Higher Education], the Qualification Call of Cinemas em Rede has entered its final stretch and will be closed on March 1st. The action aims to map the movie theaters and exhibitors of the federal universities and institutes, to know their working conditions (equipment and personnel) and, thus, to formulate strategies to qualify these initiatives with a view to the formation of the national circuit, which will expand access to Brazilian audiovisual content in several localities of the country.

For this survey, a web platform was developed, through which the exhibitors can register and make available information about their activities and their working conditions, such as equipment, exhibited content, involved teams, spaces used, among other information.

Since the call was launched, Cinemas em Rede has been reinforcing the disclosure to get as much information as possible. In December, the project was present at the 44th National Meeting Fórum de Pró-Reitores de Extensão das Instituições Públicas de Educação Superior Brasileiras – FORPROEX [Forum of Postgraduation Deans of the Brazilian Public Higher Education Institutions], held in Espírito Santo, and gave a presentation and talked with those interested in being part of the national circuit (photos).

“Participation in FORPROEX this year was very good for RNP and Cinemas em Rede, as we were able to present the initiative to the community of university managers directly involved with projects of postgraduation and culture. We hope that, from now on, FORPROEX will be a channel of relationship with this community of managers”, says the Manager of Relations in Arts, Culture and Humanities of RNP, Álvaro Malaguti.

After the closure of the Call, the information provided will be analyzed and disclosed through a digital and printed publication, with the cartography of the exhibitors of the education, science and culture institutions that use RNP. 

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