Public bidding receives proposal for food security and nutrition

- 05/10/2016

Up to October 19, researchers operating in the food security and nutritional (FSN) can submit papers for the second public call promoted by the Brazilian Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) on the subject, which will cover a total of 25 projects with funds of up to R$200,000.00 each.  

The purpose is to promote production, humanization and disclosure of useful technologies against hunger between the countries composing the Union of South American Nations (USAN). Another program’s goal is to compose and strength a network including 170 Latin-American and African institutions for interchange.

The call, part of the second phase of the Program for Socio-Educational and Socio-Technical Development on Sovereignty and Food Security and Nutrition of USAN, aims to promote cores and educational groups, research and extension with knowledge on food security and nutrition to develop scientific and technological research projects, together with a partner of USAN.

In the first public bidding, published in 2013, R$4 million were distributed to 25 projects of Brazilian cores articulated with 170 Latin-American and African institutions.