Portal de Periódicos completes 18 years with more than 1 billion visits

- 21/11/2018

The Portal de Periódicos (Periodical Portal) of the Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior – CAPES (Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education) is completing 18 years and RNP (Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa - National Education and Research Network) plays a fundamental role in this path. Ten years ago, the partnership between the organizations was started precisely for the development of the new version of the Portal, which is now available for free to users of more than 400 educational and research institutions throughout the Country and boasts the expressive brand of more of 1 billion visits since its creation.

Created in 2000 due to the lack of access of Brazilian libraries to international scientific information and regional unevenness between universities of the federal higher education system, the Portal de Periódicos has the mission of promoting the strengthening of postgraduate programs in Brazil through democratization of online access to high-level international scientific information. Considered a model of a single library consortium in the World, it is also the initiative of the genre with the greatest capillarity to cover the entire national territory.

In 2009, RNP created a search tool integrated to the collection, a virtual library that brings together high quality content, provided by international scientific publishers and associations. The Portal makes available to Brazilian educational and research institutions the best of international scientific production, through a collection of over 45,000 full-text periodicals, 130 reference databases, 12 databases dedicated exclusively to patents, books, encyclopedias and reference works, technical standards, statistics, audiovisual content and so many other resources for a complete search in reliable source.

“CAPES' Portal de Periódicos was structured as a public initiative for the democratization of knowledge, regardless of the location of its user. RNP has been working with Diretoria de Programas e Bolsas no País – DPB (Board of Programs and Scholarships in the Country) of CAPES  to strengthen this large virtual library, providing several functionalities such as federated access, daily online training by area of ​​knowledge, redundancy, support and constant technological evolution. With the success of this work, new initiatives have been developed with other directors of Capes for the development of teaching and research in Brazil,” explains Antônio Carlos Fernandes Nunes, Deputy Director of Solutions at RNP.

RNP is responsible for the support, operation and technical update of the Portal. Queries can be made by author, title, subject or keyword, with the option of remote access and mobile devices. The “Meu Espaço” section allows the researcher (student or teacher) to set up his own search sets, save and create research alerts already made in the portal collection, and save his favorite articles, periodicals, and databases in a permanent virtual space.

Currently, the Portal de Periódicos meets the demands of the academic, productive and governmental sectors, and promotes the increase of the national scientific production and the growth of the Brazilian scientific insertion abroad. It is a fundamental tool for teaching and research activities in Brazil and for CAPES’ attributions of promotion, evaluation, and regulation of postgraduate courses and the development of scientific research in the Country.