The PIPE Program of FAPESP selects startups from the R&D Programs of RNP

The Vixphy And Vixsystem startups, from RNP's R&D Program on Advanced Internet, were selected by the PIPE program of the São Paulo Research Foundation (Fapesp) for another investment round.

Both companies are spin-offs from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (Ufes). Vixphy offers cloud computing solutions and originated from a research group of Ufes coordinated by teachers Magnos Martinello and Moisés Nunes Ribeiro. The Working Group participated in the 2018 call of RNP's R&D Program on Advanced Internet.

The Vixphy cloud platform creates a stable and secure virtual environment for the computing, network, and storage services for your data. In addition, it enables full integration with public clouds, ensuring extra redundancy and flexibility capabilities. The startup also offers SD-WAN connectivity solutions.

Vixsystem is a startup that originated from GT-Mobilysa, also of Ufes. One of the products developed was Lysa, a robot guide dog to assist visually impaired people. Learn more about the project in the video below:

About the PIPE Program

Created in 1997, the Innovative Research in Small Businesses Fapesp Program (PIPE) supports scientific and/or technological research in small companies in the state of São Paulo. The research proposals submitted to PIPE are organized into three stages: scientific and technical feasibility analysis, which can last up to nine months; development of the proposal, lasting up to two years; industrial and commercial development of the products.

After a visit to FAPESP in 2019, RNP has established a partnership with the PIPE Program, encouraging startups to apply to the program. "This makes us very happy and demonstrates the value that we are adding to the innovation environment," said the director of Research & Development of RNP, Iara Machado.