Partnership between RNP and Cedia will take the Networks School to Ecuador

- 25/04/2016

From the second semester of this year, the Networks School (Escola Superior de Redes, in portuguese), an initiative by the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP) to qualify professionals from institutions that are users of the academic network, will gain a new associate. A partnership with the National Research and Educational Network of Ecuador (Cedia) will allow courses to be offered in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) segment to the professionals of the country. Teaching and methodology tools conceived in Brazil, adapted to the reality of the Ecuadorian market, shall be used.

According to the ESR coordinator, Leandro Guimarães, with this new partnership, Brazil takes over a strategic position of leadership in the diffusion of know-how and technologies to countries in Latin America. “The partners benefit from our competitive edge of uniting a teaching model to high standards of efficiency and quality, which were designed to meet the main demands that the market currently seeks in IT professionals”, he stresses.

Cedia is the second South American partner to receive a unit of the reference institution in IT qualification. In the second semester of 2015, a partnership with the National Academic Network of Advanced Technology (Renata, in spanish) allowed the courses to be offered in Colombia, as well.

In the opinion of Cedia’s coordinator, Ernesto Pérez Estévez, the safe management of information requires an appropriate knowledge of the technologies, and RNP’s model in this segment is a reference. “They have over ten years of operation, and it shall be quite useful for us to take advantage of this experience acquired. We are leaving behind a strictly empirical and occasional qualification for a well-structured and full-time education”, he declares.

ESR in Ecuador will initially offer administration, security and IT management courses for professionals from institutions served by Cedia. Modules, manuals and tools developed are currently being translated into Spanish. The courses should begin in the second semester of 2015, when these processes are completed. The expectation is that, in the future, Ecuadorians may have access to the over 50 courses offered by ESR in Brazil.