Partnership between ESR and CompTIA brings together Managers and Technicians specialized in Information Security

- 26/11/2018

The updating of knowledge about the latest skills, products and technical skills in offensive and defensive cybersecurity was the content introduced during the First Cybersecurity Workshop, held in partnership with the Escola Superior de Redes – ESR (Superior School of Networks) of RNP (Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa - National Education and Research Network) with the CompTIA, on 11/13, in Brasilia, with more than 60 participants.

The participants were introduced to the most modern cybersecurity techniques through attack and defense simulations through the blue team and red team approach, where the blue team is responsible for the monitoring and defense techniques of the infrastructure and systems, and the red team is responsible for the attack techniques.

The novelty of the event came with the announcement that, starting in 2019, ESR will offer Training for CySA+ and Pentest+ Certifications, in addition to Cybersecurity and Security+ Training.

Event’s Opening was made by the Deputy Director of the Escola Superior de Redes of RNP, Leandro Guimarães, who in addition to presenting RNP to the public of the event, spoke about the strategic importance of the partnership with CompTIA for ESR, in addition to speed up the updating of courses content and ESR Portfolio will also add value to the training already offered in the School by enabling the student to get a globally recognized certification by the ICT market. CompTIA's Business Development Manager in Brazil, Mauricio Farias, showed the scenario of the certifications offered by the Company and how much the demand has increased when it comes to the opportunity in the job market. “Today, in the USA, if you do a job search, you'll find over 35,000 opportunities that require certification to act in the area of ​​information security. In Brazil, 200 places require this type of certification, but in 2017 there were 30, the tendency is to increase more and more”, said Mauricio.

Workshop’s Speakers Wagner Morais and Carlos Neri took on the mission of presenting the importance of keeping abreast of content and tools in the area of ​​cybersecurity. The practical demonstrations of the main work tools, in the area of ​​network security, gave a view of how much knowledge applied there is relevant for network and system professionals.

Carlos Neri, in addition to demonstrating the use of security tools, highlighted how companies are giving more and more value to cybersecurity, both in the public arena and in private companies. “Today, you find companies that are more concerned with the security of their information. Moreover, by 2020, all institutions must adapt to the new Data Protection Law, which makes this concern - which used to be the last investment to be thought - a priority”, explained the Speaker.

For Wagner Moraes, the Wannacry (malicious script), which became famous in 2017 for encrypting data from more than 200,000 systems worldwide, was a turning point in the security segment, more specifically for Brazil, which began to disseminate culture of cybersecurity. “The market really turned to this issue. Several companies are investing in a cybersecurity center and the market needs trained professionals to work in this area”, said the Expert. The tip of Wagner for those who are seeking information security knowledge is to participate in events on the topic, because the knowledge to be acquired will add and direct the area of ​​action within the scope of the theme.

The courses offered by ESR in 2019 will be available from the second quarter.