Paraná hosts the fifth edition of the Network Technologies Workshop

- 11/06/2021


Between 8 and 10/06, RNP's Point of Presence in Paraná will host the 5th edition of the Network Technologies Workshop (WTR-PR), which was held online and transmitted using the Conference Web service. The event is targeted at ICT managers and technical teams of the leading public and private institutions of education and research in the state of Paraná.

The event discussed topics such as cyber vulnerabilities and risks, the infrastructure of 100 Gb/s networks in the state of Paraná, remote working, Machine Learning, hybrid cloud, migration of services to public clouds, among others.

On 08/06, the Director of Engineering and Operations of RNP, Eduardo Grizendi, and Thiago Nascimento, presented the panel "Infrastructure of 100 Gb/s and actions planned for Paraná". The project analyst of NIC.Br, Eduardo Morales, presented the initiative Citizens in the Network, which encourages good practices related to digital citizenship and the proper use of the Internet. On the first day of the event, Wagner Monteverde (EarlySec), Christian Lyra (RNP), and Fernanda Ribas Bohler, of the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) also participated in the event.

On 09/06, Jaqueline Pereira da Silva (RNP), Lourival Aparecido de Gois, Federal Technology University of Paraná (UTFPR), Rodrigo Bongers (RNP), Cristian Latapiat (RNP), and Ricardo Makino (RNP) were featured in the programme.

On 10/06, some participants were also able to participate in a mini-course on Privacy by design, taught by Yuri Louie, in charge of personal data at RNP. The concept considers data privacy from the early stages of software or product development and gained relevance after the enforcement of the GDPR.

The Network Technologies Workshop is promoted by RNP's Points of Presence in their states, with the coordination of RNP. 

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