Opened second call for connection of health service units throughout the country

- 21/04/2020

On 04/21, the second call to connect the remaining block of about 8 thousand health service units e Internet will get on air. With that, the National Education and Research Network (RNP), a social organization associated with the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC), aims to increase the scope of Internet connectivity to 16 thousand Family Health Units spread throughout the country. Currently, there are 42 thousand healthcare units in Brazil.
The initiative is a part of the Digital Health Strategy of the Ministry of Health and was articulated by the MCTIC Connected Network, coordinated by the Department of Telecommunications with the active participation of regional providers and telecommunication service providers as a measure to face the coronavirus pandemic supporting Datasus.
In this second call, in places, where there is no availability of optical fiber connection for the units, an alternative of radio link of licensed or free frequency and satellite will be considered. For any type of access, the speed will be made available according to the number of Family Health Teams of each healthcare unit to be connected.
In the first four months of service provision, the contracted companies will work voluntarily; therefore, without any charge for the public administration.  The amounts will be paid only for the eight months afterwards, in order to assure connectivity offer for a period of twelve months. Telecommunication services will be contracted, including installation, activation, operation and maintenance: of Internet access connections, from operators, who already provide service in the country.
Thus, the units, which are not yet connected, will be provided with broad band Internet solutions, preferably optical fiber, with service and monitoring by the provider 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Currently, there are more than 42 thousand healthcare units in Brazil. Access to the global computer network intended in this action is a part of the Digital Health Strategy, which encompasses the computerization program of the Brazilian Government for health, providing the use of the citizens´ electronic sheets in integrated in a big information network (RNDS).
Thus, implementation of connectivity to face Covid-19, an action, which parallel to Connect SUS, is established as a legacy for the Program, which will enable the healthcare professionals and managers to be more efficient in the assistance and to continue the patient care at any time and in anywhere.
Source: MCTIC

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