Nine companies are eligible to join Infovia 00's Open Consortium of Neutral Operator

- 29/12/2021

The Infovia 00 project, a pilot for the Norte Conectado Program, will have an approximate length of 770 km and will connect Macapá to Alenquer, with openings in Almeirim, Monte Alegre and Santarém.

RNP qualified nine companies to join Infovia 00's Open Consortium of Neutral Operator, a pilot project of the Norte Conectado Program. The consortium will be able to operate, maintain and commercially exploit this infrastructure in a neutral and open manner. Qualified companies are: Aquamar, BRDigital, CTE Telecom, ICOM Telecom, Radiante, SEA Telecom, Simplex Informática, Telefonica and Wirelink.

With an approximate length of 770 km, the project is focused on connecting Macapá to Alenquer, with openings in Almeirim, Monte Alegre and Santarém, and should benefit more than 950,000 people. The objective is to contribute to the expansion of the communications infrastructure in the Amazon Region through the implementation of an optical fiber backbone based on the riverbeds of the region.

Based on this qualification, these suppliers will receive part of this infrastructure for their own use and/or commercial exploitation. The implementation is being carried out by RNP in an environment of experimentation with new and/or consolidation of existing methods, processes and good practices, in particular, related to its implementation and its post-implementation sustainability, with potential to be used in other program infoways.

Infovia 00, scheduled to start operating in early 2022, will have a 48 fiber optic fluvial optical cable deployed under the Amazon River bed, connecting Macapá, Almeirim, Monte Alegre, Santarém and Alenquer; anchorage boxes for the termination of the subfluvial optical cable, deployed in each of the five cities; Points of Presence in modular data centers in containers; and an installed and ready-to-use DWDM system, with the possibility of up to 40 optical channels, among others.