implements Brazil's first IXP in the Northern Hemisphere in Boa Vista (RR)

- 11/11/2021

The North of the country now has yet another infrastructure to improve the quality of internet access in the region. The Information and Coordination Nucleus of Ponto BR ( implemented the first Brazilian Traffic Exchange Point (IXP) in the northern hemisphere of the globe, which is located in Boa Vista (RR). The initiative had the support of RNP, through its Point of Presence in Roraima (PoP-RR).

An is an interconnection in a metropolitan area between the commercial and academic internet, under a centralized management. According to, infrastructure becomes a new option for access and content providers, among other Autonomous Systems, to exchange traffic directly, improving the performance and quality of the internet and a more efficient operation as a whole.

For RNP, participating in the IXP means offering a better user experience for academic institutions in the region. “The long-standing partnership between RNP and has been fruitful in improving customer service, both commercial and academic”, explains Helmann Penze, coordinator of Network Infrastructure at RNP.

About is the name given to the project of the Brazilian Internet Managing Committee ( which promotes and creates the necessary infrastructure (Internet Exchange Point - IXP) for direct interconnection between networks ("Autonomous Systems" - ASs) that make up the Internet in Brazil.'s operations are aimed at metropolitan regions in the country that have great interest in the exchange of Internet traffic.

One of the main advantages of this model is the rationalization of costs, since traffic balances are resolved directly and locally and not through third-party networks, which are often physically distant.

Another big advantage is the greater control a network can have over delivering its traffic as close as possible to its destination, which generally results in better performance and quality for its customers and more efficient operation of the Internet as a whole.

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