Networked Cinemas screens the feature film “Baile Perfumado’’, symbol of the resistance and recovery of the national cinema

- 15/06/2018

In June, the Networked Cinemas project screens the feature film Baile Perfumado, directed by Paulo Caldas and Lirio Ferreira. The screening, scheduled for June 21st (Thursday) at 7:00 p.m. will take place simultaneously in the cinemas of five Brazilian federal institutions.

The film unveils the work of the owner of Lampião’s only authorized images, the photographer and documentary filmmaker Benjamin Abrahão. A man trusted by Father Cicero, Benjamin lived next to the gang and recorded the actions of the group, in order to produce a film about the life of the cangaceiro and his cronies. The material filmed is from 1936 and in the film, 60 years later, these images enable revisiting the Northeastern sertão.

The film celebrates the resistance of the national cinema, after the recovery of Brazilian productions in 1995, five years after of the extinction of Embrafilme. Baile Perfumado is also the first feature film made in Pernambuco, after almost 20 years without any film production in that state. The work is on the list of the 100 best Brazilian films of all time, according to the Brazilian Association of Film Critics (Abraccine) and won as best film at the Brasilia Festival in 1996.

After the session, the directors Paulo Caldas and Lirio Ferreira, and the production director Cláudio Assis, will participate in a debate about the film and about the so-called “recovery cinema”. Connected by Networked Cinemas, the film and debate will be broadcast to the following rooms: Cine UFF (Federal Fluminense University), UFBA Cinema (Federal University of Bahia), Cine UFG (Federal University of Goiás), Redenção Room (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) and UFPel Cinema (University of Pelotas).

The broadcast is the result of the Networked Cinemas project, a cooperation between the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network and the Ministry of Culture (MinC), which connects university cinemas and exhibitors to the network infrastructure operated by RNP, thus facilitating access and exchange of content among the rooms.

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