More female representation in STEM areas: RNP opens registration for the Women in Tech training – Inclusive Leadership

- 26/05/2022

Registration is open for the Women in Tech - Inclusive Leadership training, a partnership between the British Council and RNP for professionals or entrepreneurs in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) areas who seek to develop their interpersonal skills and advance their careers.

The training is an initiative of the British Council, the UK institution responsible for training and its materials, and is supported by Instituto Now, in charge of managing the training content, and RNP, a partner that replicates the training.

In all, including RNP, 15 partner institutions were selected to replicate the training, including universities, NGOs, civil society organizations, science museums, research support institutions, academic institutions, small and medium-sized technology companies in the technology sector registered in accordance with Brazilian legislation.

Totally free and remote, the training by RNP will provide 40 vacancies for women in the STEM areas. There will be 12 modules, 34 hours of content and synchronous and asynchronous dynamics with exchanges of experience. Participants will learn more about leadership, diversity and gender equity in the fields of STEM, marketing, entrepreneurship, management and business. All participants who complete at least 80% of all activities provided for in the modules will be considered as having completed the training. Check out the course modules.

About registration

Candidates must complete the registration form until 6/14. RNP will analyze the applications and send, by e-mail, information about access to the class platform for the selected candidates. Training starts on 7/11.

We invite all women in the STEM fields to participate in this learning opportunity.

To learn more about the initiative, visit the British Council website.