Monitoring and Evaluation Commission considers RNP's process for the cycle 2011-2020 excellent

- 23/07/2021

On 06 and 07/07, the Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (CAA) for the Management Contract, determined by the MCTI and composed by specialists of remarkable expertise in the area of activity of RNP and representatives of other organs and entities related to the environment of Science, Technology, and Innovation, met virtually to assess RNP's performance in the 2011-2020 cycle. The results, presented by the CAA to the Executive Board on 09/07, prove the excellence of the performance of the organization in the decade and strongly recommend to the supervisory body the renewal of the contract for a new cycle, in addition to expressing concern due to the decrease in investments available in recent years.

"RNP is a legacy of the country, decisive and responsible for structuring the development of the Internet in Brazil for over 25 years. It provides indispensable support to the IFES, IFs, and Research Institutions, among others, and maintains programs and investments of great impact to maintain cutting-edge activities in the country. The risk of losing these investments would bring incalculable damage to the entire Brazilian society, given the economic impact of the activities that depend on advanced scientific knowledge, high technology, and skills training for their development. Additionally, by weakening the RNP system, the quality of public spending on information and communication technology applied to education, research, and innovation is directly reduced. It is recorded that In recent years the resources available for the development of RNP's activities have declined progressively, below the minimum threshold necessary for maintaining the infrastructure deployed and the services and solutions offered, going in the opposite direction of the increase of demands, benefits generated, and expectations of this Committee, with a risk, irreversibly compromising the OS mission. It is essential to keep the inflow of resources for the development of advanced network technologies at a magnitude compatible with the investments that have been made by other countries and regions, such as North America, Europe, and China, under the risk of severe loss of competitiveness for Brazil", the Commission concludes in its report.

The document also summarizes where RNP reached results of excellence:

  • Innovative use of digital technologies in education, research, health, culture, and defense;
  • Dissemination of knowledge by stimulating networks of collaboration between research institutions;
  • Improvement of human resources in the management of networks in the national territory;
  • Remote access to national and international research infrastructures;
  • Support to the inclusion of research on global flows of scientific and technological knowledge;
  • Creating products, services, and spin-off companies based on RD&I programs;
  • Contribution to the formation of human resources specialized in ICT;
  • Modernization of digital services for education and research;
  • Promotion of a culture of collaboration networks in areas of knowledge and applications;
  • Support for the development of the Internet in the country, regarding the market and legal and regulatory framework; and
  • Social and economic results based on public-private arrangements and models.

From the perspective of the organization, the evaluation report confirms and values the work that is being carried out and that generates profound impacts not only for the communities of education, research, and innovation but for the entire Brazilian society.

"The findings were very positive. We have assessments every semester, and this time it was an exclusive meeting to assess the ten years of the contract, and it was very good.  In addition to the quantitative aspect, the report brings many positive assessments, which are worthy and rewarding for our efforts. It is important that everyone at RNP read it and see how their work has contributed to the country. The document also lists a number of challenges, which we know and have already discussed and worked on. The result fills us with pride, and it is a report prepared by an external body," says the director-general of RNP, Nelson Simões.

Access the assessment Report for the 2011-2020 Cycle