IV Meeting of the Networked Cinemas brings together managers of institutions to discuss the expansion of the screening circuit

- 04/09/2018

Taking place in August 27, at Ibict in Brasilia, the IV Meeting of the Networked Cinemas Project brought together representatives of the institutions that participate in the project (UFBA, UFRGS, UFPB, UFF, UFOP, UFES, USP, UFG and UFPel), in addition to two guests from universities interested in joining the project (UFRN and UFS), and five IT managers (UFF, UFOP, UFES, UFSCar and UFPel). The purpose was to integrate teams regarding the necessary requirements to assure the success and expansion of activities, in addition to promoting integration and sharing of experiences amongst the current 12 screening institutions.

According to the IT manager of the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel) Júlia Mattos, the communication with the IT department is healthy, especially with managers, to be aware of what is happening and to attempt to synchronize actions to assure a better flow to the development of the project. “In reality, we supply the infrastructure, and that is essential to the proper functioning and execution of the cinema room and the screening. So, getting to know the project helps up to provide proper support,” he adds.

“In my opinion, it is an exciting project, because it is also the role of the university to provide culture. For IT, specifically, it is interesting to participate in this type of event so that expectations are aligned, and we can act as an enabler of solutions, and not as an obstacle. Although our focus is mostly operational, I believe that the information gathered here will help improve the service in our university,” declared Erick Melo, IT manager for the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar).

“We have a very close communication via email to discuss the screenings and practical issues, but that is not a substitute for what face-to-face meetings provide, to dive deeper into several issues, so I believe it is essential to have an annual meeting to discuss in detail several subjects that will be of great importance in the future. We likely have the most structured theater of the project, perhaps of the country, and it would be great to have others like it in the Networked Cinemas,” declared Paulo Máttar, coordinator of the Cine Arte UFF, of the Fluminense Federal University.

Flávia Cruvinel, deputy provost of extension and culture of UFG, believes it is imperative that the network grows, considering the prospects of the call for qualifications that will be opened later this year. “We are going through a good moment, in which we have a trajectory of improvement, so now it is the right time to design this expansion,” she commented.

The Networked Cinemas connects cinemas and screeners from federal institutions of education, science, and culture, to the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP), creating a national circuit for the Brazilian audiovisual production.

Still in 2018, a call for qualifications will be opened to assess the Brazilian national audiovisual scenario, in addition to evaluate the inclusion of other institutions, with an expectancy to reach 24 screening rooms this year.

Learn more at: cinemasemrede.rnp.br