Institutions can sign up to join the Security Month in October

- 30/09/2016

In October, the Security Month takes place in Latin America. It is an international celebration that aims to promote the information security culture in institutions of the country and Latin America. The initiative seeks to create opportunities for these institutions to discuss the best security practices in the use of the internet in their local communities.

Sponsored by the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP), the Security Month is held in partnership with the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (RedCLARA), which brings together academic institutions from 17 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and the Organization of American States (OAS) focusing on government institutions of its 35 member states.

With the support of the Service Center for Security Incidents of RNP, the participating institutions organize courses, lectures, internal campaigns and other dissemination actions on topics relevant to information security and of interest to general users, such as security in social networks in Wi-Fi networks, online games, mobile devices, data storage on the internet, cybercrime, fraud, phishing, malware, privacy, cyber-bullying, social engineering, cryptography, good use of emails, safe shopping, backup, among other topics.

Institutions interested in celebrating Security Month can find more information, support materials and apply on the website The awareness actions carried out during October will be released by RNP in the event website and social networking, upon sending material to the email .