Four extra activities open the 2019 RNP Forum Scheduling in Brasília

- 04/09/2019

The first day of the 2019 RNP Forum began with four extra activities: Cloud Computing GIS, “Evolution and Challenges of Digital Health” Seminar, Redecomep National Meeting, and Cinemas em Rede Meeting.

All face-to-face meetings had presentations and made room for debate among participants from different communities, focused on the theme of this event edition: “Challenges of Digital Transformation in Teaching and Research.”

GIS Cloud discusses strategies to support the digital transformation journey
The fourth edition of the Cloud Computing GIS brought together around 150 in-person participants at Royal Tulip Alvorada hotel, in Brasilia, and over 1,400 remote accesses to live streaming. The event continued the discussion that started during the last year meeting on experiences and perspectives of cloud service offerings and proposed the use of collective intelligence to accelerate the development of strategies that may help our customers on their digital transformation journey.

In the morning, those present were divided into 14 tables so that they could exchange their impressions and experiences regarding the cloud.  At the end of the discussions, a round entitled “Science Fair” was promoted, in which participants visited the other tables to observe what had been developed.

In the afternoon, lectures elucidated how different actors in the market are acting in their digital transformation journeys. João Brito, from Getup Cloud, presented the theme “Agile Culture and Cloud Application”; Fábio Negreiros from Microsoft highlighted the cloud migration and provided details on Azure, which is the company's platform; and Cecilia Ortiz explained how RedCLARA has been working on renegotiation of service agreements to enable the sustainability of networks. To end the day of sharing ideas and experiences, Bruno Silva, Systems Development Coordinator, and Daniel Guedes, Systems Development Specialist, presented two successful cases of cloud migration from RNP: SiBBr and Science at School, respectively.

 “The event was very interesting due to everyone's participation. I believe it exceeded all expectations, and participants were very pleased with their exchanges of experiences and knowledge that took place during the day,” said RNP Services coordinator Cristian Gonzalez.

RNP and Ebserh discuss the evolution and challenges of digital health in Brazil
Also at Royal Tulip Alvorada Hotel, RNP and Empresa Brasileira de Serviços Hospitalares (Ebserh) promoted the Seminar “The Evolution and Challenges of Digital Health in Brazil”.

The opening table was comprised of Ebserh vice president, Colonel Eduardo Chaves Vieira; by the general director of RNP, Nelson Simões; by the general coordinator of Expansion and Management of Health Education from the Brazilian Department of Education (MEC), Lucia Iochida; the director of the Informatics Department of SUS (Datasus), Jacson Venâncio de Barros; the director of the Department of Science, Technology and Digital Innovation from the Brazilian Department of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC), José Gustavo Sampaio Gontijo, and the representative of the Brazilian Department of Defense, medical colonel Maurício Ribeiro Braga.

On the occasion, the RNP director highlighted the role of Rede Universitária de Telemedicina (RUTE), the partnership with Ebserh and the need for a health experimentation strategy. “We started integrating hospitals, continued working with continued education at RUTE and now we need an applied research and digital health innovation strategy,” said Nelson Simões.

 “Our goal is to reach every hospital and educational establishment with more quality and adequate access. And that the population be served by the best team in the country. Today, this is possible with telemedicine,” added RUTE general coordinator, Luiz Ary Messina.

At the end of the Seminar, RNP signed a technical cooperation agreement with Sociedade Brasileira de Informática em Saúde (SBIS), Associação Brasileira de Telemedicina e Telessaúde (ABTms) and Associação Brasileira de Saúde Coletiva (Abrasco). This partnership aims to boost digital health in Brazil through joint projects. “One of the necessary pillars for health is infrastructure. We need to make a single move. This agreement is the epicenter of this moment,” said SBIS President, Luis Gustavo Kiatake.

Culture, challenges, and innovations are highlights at Cinemas em Rede Meeting
Representatives of nine cinemas that make up the Cinemas em Rede Project participated in the national meeting held on August 26, at the RNP office, in Brasília. It aimed to exchange experiences on the best practices and challenges of maintaining movie theaters in public institutions, as well as thinking about the future and project sustainability. The 16 participants also became acquainted with the UHD Player, a portable digital content viewer that allows 4k video reproduction with a high-quality digital audio.

Another highlight was the presentation of results for the Chamada de Qualificação do Cinemas em Rede [Qualification Calls of Cinemas em Rede], which took place between November 2018 and March 2019. One of the members of the cinemas network supported by RNP is the audiovisual technician, Nilo Borges, of Cine UFG (Universidade Federal de Goiás). He took part in this and other meetings and talks a little about the action importance. “This face-to-face meeting is essential to know the different realities, to think about joint solutions – for each and every one. We expect things to get better. We want to share more content, have more activities, more scheduling options and bring more institutions to the project,” he concluded.

Institutionalized and developed Redecomeps earn RNP certificate They have received gold certificates from Gigacandanga, from the Federal District, and GigaNatal, from Natal (RN). Eight Metropolitan Networks received silver certificates for being on their way to institutionalization. They included Remessa (Salvador), MetroPoa (Porto Alegre), Redecomep (Campo Grande), MetroCG (Campina Grande), MetroJP (João Pessoa), Rede Poti (Teresina), Remep-FLN (Florianópolis), and MetroGyn (Goiânia). 

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