The first connection of the new PoP-SP to the Ipê network is activated

- 12/08/2021


The first backbone circuit of the new RNP's Point of Presence in São Paulo was activated, installed in the datacenter of the Nucleus of Information and Coordination of Point BR (, the fruit of a long-term partnership between RNP and the institution. The 20 Gb/s circuit is provided by Claro and connects São Paulo to Brasilia (DF).

With this activation, the new PoP-SP no longer depends only on the connectivity installed in the PoP of the University of São Paulo (USP). Both PoPs are interconnected by circuits of ultra high performance, of 200 Gb/s.

Greater capacity and redundancy

The doubling of RNP's Point of Presence in São Paulo became strategic since the city is an important point of intersection of the national traffic, due to Internet exchange points (IXPs) located there, in addition to multiple international links.

The opportunity to install another Point of Presence in the city of São Paulo emerged from a context of cooperation between RNP and, which offered the space in its new data center.

The new infrastructure will support projects of PoP-SP for the Seventh Generation of the Ipê Network, which provides for ultra-high-speed connections in national territory, international connections with Europe, through project Bella and the underwater cable Ellalink, and with the United States through the underwater cable Monet, initiatives, and the São Paulo Metropolitan Network (Metrosampa).

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