The first 770 km of Norte Conectado cables arrive in Amapá

- 06/09/2021

Last Saturday (4/9), the subfluvial fiber optic cable arrived in Macapá (AP) for the implementation of Infovia 00, of the Norte Conectado Program, with a length of 770 km. After carrying out tests on the fiber, the transshipment stage began right after, a manual work, carried out 24x7, which will continue for the next few days. During transshipment, the cable leaves the vessel coming from Germany and is transferred to the ferry responsible for launching the cable into the Amazon River bed, in the stretch between Macapá and Santarém.

Infovia 00, like the entire program, aims to expand the communications infrastructure in the Amazon region, promoting the region's integration and public policies in telecommunications, education, research, health, defense and the judiciary, among others. Norte Conectado is a program of the Ministry of Communications, which has the support of RNP in the development of Infovia 00, a pilot project of the Program.