Event marks the launching of telehealth in Mozambique

- 25/06/2018

On June 18th, the official launch event for Telehealth in Mozambique (Telehealth MZ) was held. The Mozambique Ministry of Health (Misau) program provides distance support to healthcare professionals across the African country, helping them to provide services with priority to primary healthcare. Rute (RNP) was represented by the manager of Healthcare Communities Innovation, Dr. Paulo Lopes, who participated via videoconference accompanied by representatives of Telehealth RS-UFRGS.

In Mozambique, representatives from the Ancuabe Health Center and Gurué, Xai Xai, Pemba and Nampulam Hospitals were present, as well as the Vice-Minister of Health of Mozambique, Dr. João Leopoldo da Costa, Dr. Bernardina Gonçalves and Dr. Lourino Chemane.

"The launch of the Telehealth MZ program is very important, both for the Mozambican people and for the Telehealth of the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries), reinforcing the group of countries that have national Telehealth programs. This launch makes feasible, with respect to the six-hour time zone, the participation of healthcare professionals from Mozambique's healthcare institutions in Ruth's over 50 SIGs and, in the future, adherence to it, as well as proposing common projects between Brazil and Mozambique. We ended up reinforcing, like Brazil, an integration of Misau with the academic network (MoRENet), through Dr. Lourino, from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT) of Mozambique, to accelerate the program", said Dr. Paulo Lopes, from Rute.

On the same day, in the afternoon, RNP-Brasilia received a delegation of MCT from Mozambique and a web conference was held with Paulo Lopes and Rute's national coordinator, Luiz Ary Messina, who participated from the headquarters of the São Paulo Medicine Association. The opportunity was used to present Rute and the efforts of the Brazilian Ministry of Health, current president of the CPLP, in developing the cooperation of representatives of the CLPL’s Permanent Working Group on Telehealth.

Image Credits: UFRGS Telehealth Centre.