European Union releases 4th Coordinated Call with Brazil

- 10/10/2016

One week after the release of 4th Coordinated Call between the European Union and Brazil, the European Commission presented information about calls, during the ICT Proposers’ Day, on September 26 and 27, at Bratislava (Slovakia). The event brought together more than 2,000 people, including academic representatives, researchers, entrepreneurs, small and medium companies, as well as governmental actors across Europe.

The event’s purpose was to disseminate the research and innovation in ICT, focusing on Horizon2020 program. The Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP) participated as Brazilian responsible for the conduct of coordinated calls in the country. Its role was to respond to questions about participation rules of Brazilian institutions, project monitoring and, especially, how to find Brazilian partners to form consortia.

A stand was available to serve those interested in clarifying questions on cooperation with Brazil. The coordinator of the Brazilian National Research and Development Center in Information and Communication Technologies (CTIC/RNP), Wanderson Paim (photo), was one of those responsible for answering questions, along with the European Commission's Project Officer responsible for area projects of Cloud Computing, Maria Tsakali, and the Project Manager of Trust-IT, Sara Pittonet, representing the EUBrasilCloudForum project, selected in the 3rd Coordinated Call.

Furthermore, one of the six main tracks of ICT Proposers’ Day – Future Network & International – had an exclusive session to discuss the cooperation with Brazil. On that occasion, Jorge Pereira, from the European Commission, presented the subjects, resources and expectations regarding the proposals. The session also included presentations on Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, by researchers and companies interested in submitting proposals. The presentations may be found in website of European Union.

One of the dynamics carried out at the event was called Face2Face Brokerage. In a large space with numbered and spread tables, it was possible to pre-schedule meetings of up to 20 minutes with any person or institution attending the event. “All you had to do was look to the event’s participant and schedule one meeting with the partner of interest. In addition, there were several lectures and presentations on the European Commission funding opportunities, an amazing opportunity for the creation of partnerships”, said Wanderson Paim.

Click here to view bidding information with the rules of Brazilian participation.