ESR/RNP offers Cybersecurity course in Mozambique

- 26/07/2018

From June 18th to July 13th, the Networks School (ESR), RNP’s training unit, offered the Cybersecurity Training Course (SEG12) to 50 Information Technology professionals from academic and governmental institutions in Mozambique. Divided into two classes of 25 students each, and taught as in-company mode, the course had a 120-hour workload, of which 40 hours were distance learning.

The ESR course was responsible for enhancing knowledge about cybersecurity through theoretical materials and practical experience in key security services such as DNS, DHCP, LDAP, HTTP protocols, audit tools, and information security policies and standards. The main goal of the classes was to develop students' skills for the development of security incident response groups in the country.

The collaboration between RNP and the Mozambican academic network (MoRENet), which has as one of its pillars the sharing of knowledge, is essential to the establishment of good services, especially in the area of security. According to ESR/RNP instructor Ítalo Valcy, responsible for the second SEG12 class in Mozambique, when such partnerships are made, the gains are effective for both parties. "This collaboration is important for Mozambique because the country is in the moment of establishing the security incident response groups and for RNP because we have learned from the specific challenges that come from the scenarios of the country’s institutions and government", says Italo.

To mark the beginning of this new action of the partnership between RNP and MoRENet, an inaugural lecture was held on May 18th, through webconference, with the presence of students, members of the faculty, MoRENet director, Lourino Chemane, and RNP’s director general, Nelson Simões.

Chemane pointed out that the cooperation between RNP and MoRENet, which extends for five years, is essential to the implementation of services, professional training and development of technologies in Mozambique. "We found that one of the most critical areas of our country is precisely the area of cybersecurity. Courses like this ensure that participants are given the ability to introduce organizational changes and protect their institutions from exposure to computer incidents", said Chemane.