CT-Mon challenge chooses MicroMon project, from UECE

The CT-Mon 2020 challenge selected GT-MicroMon proposal, submitted by the research group of Universidade Estadual do Ceará (UECE), led by professor Rafael Lopes Gomes, who also is coordinator of the graduation course of Computing Sciences of the universities.

The main goal of the Challenge is, from the formation of the Working Group, to design and implement a platform with automated operation for sharing measurement data originated from the RNP network.  Using recent techniques and best practices, with open, safe, reliable, robust and resilient components and systems to implement a data collection, storage, organization, anonymization and sharing service of Ipê Network for research, engineering and security purposes, in compliance with current legislation (that is, General Act of Data Protection, LGPD) and RNP’S safety policies.

MicroMon shall be a platform based on micro services for network measurements collection and sharing. The approach of micro services will allow the solution to do multiple tasks in an automatic, scalable and extensible manner in cloud  environments. These characteristics make it able to meet the expected demands, as well as being a technological base for the implementation of new monitoring services, such as demand prediction, decision making, intra-band telemetry data analysis, protocol coexistence, etc.

Launch meeting

On 07/30 at 02:00 p.m., the launch meeting of the GT-MicroMon project will take place, with the participation of the UECE team and also the RNP teams that will collaborate directly in the project by sharing measurement data from the tools used in its activities.

Follow-up the meeting