Committee releases call for workshop on video-cooperation

- 18/10/2016

Up to November 1st, the Technological Prospection Committee on Video-cooperation (CT-Video) has an open call of works to receive articles or videos on researches on progress, prototypes or experimental collaboration applications in video.

The works selected will be presented, whether in person or remotely, in the third edition of the workshop The Future of Video-cooperation. It will take part of the WebMedia 2016 schedule. The event, annually carried out by Brazilian Society of Computing (SBC), will be held in Teresina, in the State of Piauí, among November 8 and 11, and will meet students, researchers and professionals of multimedia, hypermedia and web areas.

The work may include the following thematic areas: production, editing and broadcasting; telepresence systems; remote collaboration systems; holography; 3D audio; digital cinema; telemedicine; online education; surveillance and security systems; generation of videos in an uncontrolled environment.

On the other hand, the proposal submission shall be made in two methods: a short article, among 2 and 4 pages, or through summary followed by a short video, among 5 and 8 minutes, presenting the application under execution. The video can be hosted by the author in an online service or submitted for publication in vídeo@RNP portal (in the following authorized formats: *.mp4;*.flv;*.ogv;*.wmv;*.avi;*.webm;*.3gp;*.mov.)

Organized by the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network (RNP) jointly to academic community, CT-Vídeo aims to be an open forum to study the future of application in video-cooperation, in several research, development and innovation areas. “The committee is open to all interested parties. In order to be part of it, it is necessary to register in the discussion list of the group and attend meetings”, said Advance Application and Community manager, Leandro Ciuffo.

The results will be disclosed on November 4. The files can be submitted for the email Doubts can be forwarded to the same email.

Persons interested in attending remotely the workshop can register via the online form available.

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