Cinemas em Rede resumes activities with a debate on the film #eagoraoque

- 05/11/2021

Cinemas em Rede is back! On 11/11, at 8:30 pm, the project, in partnership with Lira Filmes and Cine UFPel, will hold a live debate on its Facebook profile about the film #eagoraoque, by Jean-Claude Bernardet and Rubens Rewald. Viewers will be able to watch the film, free of charge, at from 4/11.

The chat will include directors Bernardet and Rewald, actor Vladimir Safatle and actress Palomaris Mathias. Moderating will be the responsibility of Ivonete Medianeira Pinto, Ph.D. in Cinema from the University of São Paulo (USP/ECA) and Associate Professor in the Cinema and Audiovisual and Animation Cinema courses at the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel), as well as president of the Brazilian Film Critics Association (Abraccine).

How to act politically today? Is it possible to change things, people, society? And now, what to do? An intellectual and his contradictions. This is the motto of the political drama that has already been shown in important national and international festivals, such as Cinelatino de Toulouse, in France, Mostra Internacional de São Paulo, and Mostra deTiradentes, among others.

After the debate, the film will continue to be available on the Cinemas em Rede page until XX.


• Debate about the film #eagoraoque

• Date: 11/11 (Thursday)

• Time: 8:30 pm

• Location: Cinemas em Rede profile on Facebook

• Debaters: Jean-Claude Bernardet (actor and director), Vladimir Safatle (actor) and Palomaris Mathias (actress). Moderator: Ivonete Medianeira Pinto (professor at UFPel and president of Abraccine).