Check out visions of the future in monitoring, identity management and video collaboration

- 14/01/2019

RNP coordinates Technical Committees formed by researchers from several academic institutions in Brazil, in network monitoring, identity management, and video collaboration. The main objective of these committees is to monitor developments in these areas of knowledge, prospect technological solutions, and present recommendations, in an advisory capacity.

These visions of the future have been compiled in documents that show the state of the art in these areas of knowledge, through scientific publications made in 2018. Here are some of these trends:

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is critical to ensure the maximum utilization of services and applications, especially the scientific ones, and support the diagnosis and resolution of performance problems effectively.

The Technical Committee on Network Monitoring (CT-Mon) has mapped investments in the area of measurements to improve the collection and availability of data, operational use, and research.

In addition, trends in the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence, equipment with programmable data plan to support, and the expanded use of cloud services and Internet applications of Things (IoT, English acronym).

Access the document with visions of the future in Network Monitoring.

Identity Management

Identity management is an active research topic that incorporates several aspects that pertain to user access. For example, interoperability between systems can help improve collaboration between business and academia, between governments, health systems, and support for scientific research.

In healthcare applications, the Technical Committee on Identity Management (CT-Gid) has mapped trends in the growing use of electronic systems for medical records, medical examination, and monitoring, among other necessities, with major challenges in secure authentication and protection of personal data. The use of federations, that is, the union of computational resources with unified and secure access, presents itself as a solution for some of these problems.

Access the document with visions of the future in Network Monitoring.

Video collaboration

Tools that facilitate video and voice communication and the sharing of resources between people in different places are increasingly sophisticated to enrich the experience of their users.

In its vision of the future, the Technical Committee on Video collaboration (CT-Video) mapped as trends the use of artificial intelligence to deal with the large volume of data related to videos; in health, an environment that goes beyond virtual meeting rooms; and the use of video conferencing in models of distance education and new business.

Access the document with visions of the future in Network Monitoring.