Call R&D 2020: deadline extended to 5/3

Given the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and the current challenges and difficulties research groups and startups are facing, the deadline for submission of proposals for the Call for Research and Development 2020 was extended to 5/3/2020, Sunday, until 11:59 PM.

The re-ratification of the Call for R&D 2020, the proposal model and the recordings of the web-conferences to clear doubts about the call are available on the RNP site.

Access the call

The call

Released on 3/17, the call for Research & Development 2020 will select innovative projects in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) area. Researchers from public and private institutions and members of startups can submit proposals.

The methodology

Since 2002, RNP has been improving its management of R&D programs done by means of this open innovation process. The results achieved over these years are fruits from the important partnership with the academic community.

As in 2019, the call included the innovation ecosystem in the collaboration of this development, whether supporting creation of new startups (new-born companies) or supporting already existing startups, together with the academic community.

Innovation ecosystem

In this call, RNP invites startups and entrepreneurs interested in undertaking a partnership with this community for creation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as a main result from the R&D&I project. This MVP will be the base for creation of a new product or service, or evolution of an existing product or service for the RNP System.

Proposals aimed at the users

RNP looks for proposals, which can help expanding the services offered by the network and which are useful for the community of users. Therefore, the call encourages submission of specific topics, with project in the ICT area applied to Education and Health, Cybersecurity, Smart Services related to Network Monitoring and Measurements, Identity Management, in addition to Infrastructures and Applications for university campuses.

In case of doubts and clarifications, send an e-mail to