Call for Bid GTs 2020 receives 48 proposals from all regions in the country

- 11/05/2020

The RNP 2020 Call for Research and Development Bid released on 03/17 and closed on 05/03 received 48 proposals total.  These proposals will be analyzed and evaluated in June and July, and the next phase 1 working groups will be selected for the next cycle of the Advanced Services R&D Program. As the deadline for submission of this call was extended, the new start of the projects is scheduled on 9/1.

The proposals are distributed in the following topics: 16 in ITC applied in Education, 12 in Infrastructure and Applications for Smart Campuses, ten in ITC applied in Health, 4 in Network Monitoring, three in Identity Management and three in Cyber-security.

Regarding the geographic distribution considering the regions in the country, 19 were from the North-East (39.58%), 16 from the South-East (33.33%), nine from the South (18.75%), three from the Center-West (6.25%) and one from the North (2.08%).  The highest number of submissions was from Pernambuco, six, and Espírito Santo, Paraná and São Paulo, five each, totaling 21 proposals (44%) from these four states.

It shall be pointed out that 27 (56%) of the 48 proposals are partnerships with startups and that the disclosure, via Relationship (Dari), to the Federal Institutions resulted in seven proposals received.