Brazilian doctor in Spain shares the challenges of the first attendance of a child case of Covid-19

- 17/04/2020

Difficulty to use masks, modifications in the waiting rooms and the high number of children diagnosed with Covid-19 in Madrid. These were some of the challenges the Brazilian doctor Tiago Jerônimo dos Santos, who lives in Spain, shared with about 140 participants in the tenth edition of SIG Covid-19 BR, held on 4/15.

Tiago is a children endocrinologist at the Children Hospital Niño Jesús and  professor doctor of Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in Spain. He pointed out the challenges of the fist assistance in pediatrics, such as modifying the waiting rooms, that are normally designed to distract the kids, but should, during the pandemic, remain free of rugs, toys, magazines or other objects.

Another critical point is the use of surgical masks, not practicable in little children. In these cases, the patients should stay in the external area, waiting the assistant there together with the companion, who should always wear a mask.

The doctor also commented that there are twenty times more cases of children diagnosed with Covid-19 in Madrid than the number registered in China. On the other hand, evidences point out that children transmit the new coronavirus at much lower rate than expected, considering that in general, the manifestation of the disease in children is way milder than in adults.

Still during the virtual meeting, Tiago told that doctors from all specialties were called in mandatorily to work in the pandemic. He highlighted the importance of the hospital promoting a restructuring of the pre-assistance to separate suspected cases of Covid-19 from other occurrences.

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