Academic networks sign agreement to create a Blockchain network in Latin America

- 14/02/2022

The national education and research networks of Latin America, members of the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (RedCLARA), have established an agreement for the development of a blockchain ecosystem within their scope in Latin America. The signatory institutions of the agreement are CEDIA (Ecuador), CUDI (Mexico), RAGIE (Guatemala), RAU (Uruguay), RedCONARE (Costa Rica), REUNA (Chile), RENATA (Colombia), REDNESAH (Honduras), RNP (Brazil), RUNBA (Nicaragua) and RedCLARA.

The signing of the agreement took place this Monday (2/14), in an event broadcast by RedCLARA, led by the executive director of CEDIA, Juan Pablo Carvallo; and the executive director of RedCLARA, Luis Eliécer Cadenas. On the occasion, the benefits that this initiative will bring to the academic and scientific community of the RedCLARA networks were presented, as well as blockchain use cases in the context of universities and research centers in Latin America.

“Blockchain will allow universities to take care of the digital identity of their community members. That is, we will have the security and certainty that what we are building has validity or certification somewhere,” said Andres Moya, a researcher in Informatics and Computing at the Universidad de la Serena in Chile, who presented a blockchain use case as an instrument for the digital transformation of the institution.

RNP's service manager, Rodrigo Azevedo, presented the use case of the Diploma Digital service, which uses blockchain technology to register, authenticate and preserve diplomas issued by higher education institutions in Brazil, thus preventing fraud in these types of documents.

Watch the broadcast of the event on the RedCLARA website, on the link: