25 years commercial internet in Brazil: what has changed over the years?

- 11/12/2021

In 2020, commercial internet turned 25. Do you remember the first time you connected to the internet? 31 years ago, when the National Research Network (RNP) was born as CNPq project, one of the big purposes was to serve the aspirations of the academic community, which wanted to be connected with its foreign peers.

In 1992, the first internet backbone in Brazil started operation with the academic network connection between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, as support to the performance of Eco-92. Before opening the commercial internet in Brazil, it was the first time individuals, who were not connected to the university, were able to have experience similar to file transfer and use of electronic mail.

How did the Internet leave the academy and become commercial?

It was in 1995 when the world wide web left the university laboratories and became a commercial asset upon the release of the dial-up internet service.

Thus, for three years, from 1995 to 1998, RNP dedicated itself again to the creation of commercial providers for it to be distributed to the society. In this context, the Internet Steering Committee (CGI.Br), a multi-sector committee responsible for the establishment of strategic guidelines related to the use and the development of the Internet in Brazil was also created.

25 years commercial internet in Brazil

In these 25 years commercial Internet in Brazil, the impacts caused by the globalization and the connectivity have exceeded even the users´ expectations. What used to be used for research only before, now has direct impact on the society and the economy.

Today, the internet is part of the Brazilians´ life, they spend hours on social networks, which guarantees the 2nd place to the country in the ranking of countries that “spend more time on social networks”, behind the Philippines only.

And, when it comes to the internet, we have to mention its main positive impacts. Way beyond bringing us closer from anywhere in the world, and providing us with the possibility to follow up news, research and events in real time, the internet has become a business model, impacting the consumption relationship between companies and final consumers.

The use of the internet has changed the way we relate, communicate, express ourselves, buy, eat and even travel. And that has changed the way the brands communicate, interact and present themselves, on-line and off-line. After all, in just a few clicks you access applications, websites, platforms, e-commerce, search for competitors, get to know places and decide your purchase. The network connection formed groups, communities, organizations and provided what we call Digital Transformation day after day.

All this connectivity has also resulted in new security, usability, social responsibility and accessibility practices. In general, the step for innovation taken by RNP 25 years ago keeps resulting in progress, which structures new cultures, new horizons and countless transformations RNP is proud to be part of and continue contributing to the growth and the improvement of the network, mainly with our main focus, the academic environment.

If you are interested in the 25 years of Internet, the topic was addressed by the Internet Festival event, 100% online and free, held between December 7 and 14. Learn more at https://internetfestival.com.br/.

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