Join us


Partnerships and resource sharing

To become a member of the RNP System means to be a part of a digital platform for education, research and innovation. Get in touch with higher education institutes, research funding agencies, innovative companies, education and research health establishments, museums and cultural institutions in Brazil and around the world.

To do together, in community, mobilizes talents and competencies. 
It promotes achievement of public policy goals.
And it results in saving.


Be connected

Currently, more than 1.1 thousand units on the whole national territory are interconnected by our cost-effective high-capacity network, achieving more than 80% cost savings compared to the average values on the market, especially, in communication infrastructure.


Collaborate, share, create together

Be in touch with people and institutions for knowledge production. Access remote collaboration tools, high-quality video, massive data processing and high-performance information, and participate in collaboration networks for continued education and support to formulation of public policies.



Gain remote access to experimental environments of new network infrastructures and scientific applications. Develop technological solutions in different areas, such as education, health, science and culture. And participate in the open innovation process that has generated over 10 spin-offs.